Thirroul Solar – The steps we take to help you!

Solar Assessment
Roger Fleury is a trained and accredited industry professional who will be involved in conduction a full site Inspection in order to gather crucial data to ensure complete and accurate analysis of your premises.

Thirroul Solar will offer a free and thorough analysis of your existing energy expenses and consumption whilst evaluating whether investing in a professionally fitted solar system could be the right solution for your future. Initially we will collect some basic and sample data as well as information including area & environmental specific climate and sun considerations, your times of usage, exposure to variables including your building shape, characteristics and suitability for Solar…

This thorough research and data gathering will allow us to design a system fitting to your needs as well as what eligibility for government incentives and possible reductions in monthly power bills.

Consultation and Feasibility Study

Thirroul Solar will work with you in assessing your needs fitting you your budget. We will make affordable suggestions fitting to your needs and in tune with your expectations.

Thirroul Solar will discuss your financial and environmental goals for the project and work with you on reaching those goals. We are very flexible and want your commitment to match our vision too.

Our comprehensive assessment and our analysis of your investment possibilities for all information gathered should allow you to develop a more thorough understanding of your global footprint reduction but also the cost reductions associated. This information will allow you to make a decision based on accurate modelling reflecting your needs for accurate cost reductions for years and possibly decades to come.

System Design

It is important to recognise the importance of “Accreditation” and “Certification” that Roger Fleury has acquired. At Thirroul Solar, we are proud of our accreditations, especially when we put our name on our Guarantee. When using Roger Fleury, you know that he has the engineering capacity to design a solar system tailored to your needs! Our thorough consultation and feasibility study will see us have a thorough understanding of your property and your needs. Our measurements and data are accurate and therefore suited to your needs! We don’t just come in and put something on your roof without you really knowing what you are getting… Being certified means that we understand and adhere to strict industry and construction codes but by being local to Illawarra’s Northern Suburbs, it is important to recognise our reputation and the trust we have built locally. We work here but we live here too! We have built a reputation in the local area that is trusted and our work is guaranteed by us, not a third party and that is very important!

Government Applications

As part of our commitment to you and in direct conjunction of you approving Thirroul Solar to go ahead with a customised solution, we will undertake all legal and subsidy applications on your behalf with your authority. Whether local, state or federal, you will not be hassled in having to do your own research, we will help you make this a “hassle free” transition from design through to complete installation.

Our extensive experience in this area ensures that you receive the maximum possible benefits from possible government rebates and solar credits whilst applying to receive the right rebates or tax incentives.


Roger Fleury attends all installations and ensures his employees (all qualified local installers) are understanding of your installation needs and your building specifications. Roger also assesses all possible risks in order to introduce strong safety systems and mechanisms to ensure you and his employees stay totally safe. This installation process ensure that we integrate your system accurately, safely and hassle free.

Our World class standards and our practices of using world leading technology as well as our market leading experience puts us ahead of the rest and gives you the re-assurance you need when making the right decision in your installer of choice. When using Thirroul Solar, you will be confident that we have completed your installation and connection properly. We will ensure that you have a system that will last the distance but also one that sets and meets the highest standards!

Ongoing support and follow up

In recognising that Thirroul Solar is indeed local, you will have your mind put at ease that we are only a phone call away… We will continuously be working with Local residential and commercial clients meaning that we would not be far from you at all and therefore able to attend your needs as they arise.

Our guarantee as well as our continued support will ensure that our solar system was indeed designed to performance standards and providing you with the savings you expected.

We also support you in the event you are considering moving location. As we know the full extent of your installation, we will be able to reduce the cost of moving your installation to the next premises…

Thirroul Solar, we are here to shape the future sustainability of the Illawarra but also here to help you reduce your global footprint too. Together we are addressing the future of our kids…

Make a smart financial decision today! Call Roger Fleury on  1300 678 158