If you are reading this page it is because you want to know more about Solar Power for your business. You already know a little bit about how Solar Power is the sustainable way for the future but you want to know more!

Thirroul Solar is about helping you to make the right decision for your business and about you finding the perfect solution to meet your company’s energy needs today and in the future.

We too at Thirroul Solar are very passionate about our environment but also are very aware of the rising costs associated to Energy consumption. We too understand the importance of reaching the balance between energy costs and environmental footprint. By helping you and supporting you with your energy needs and by helping you reducing your carbon emissions, together we are contributing to a bigger world picture and fulfil the mission of millions.

Our mission is to ensure that we continue to provide quality solar systems and solar solutions to meet our clients’ needs but more so ensure we remain competitive and always available to support our loyal clientele.

Power Audit
Our business has been working with small to medium sized business in the Illawarra for 25 years. Our strength comes from understanding our customers, not just because of Solar energy but more so because we have been one of the Illawarra’s most reputable and competitive Electrical Contractors. We do not just understand Solar, we understand Power.
By conducting a Power Audit or Feasibility Study on your current (or future) usage, we are able to gather sufficient data and information to increase your understanding in your investment by being able to present to you the associated benefits.
With your help and our expertise, we will design a system that best suits your needs but also ensure that everything you need to make sound financial decisions for you and your business.
You aligning yourself with a market leader simply would be a natural choice!

Small scale technology certificates (STCs)
small scale technology certificates are created with the installation of your solar power systems and these STCs can be traded at the market price. You can even assign them to us at a premium rate to lower your initial investment and improve your ROI.

The asset that keeps on giving
Investing in a Solar system for your commercial property or business simply is a means of adding value to your commercial property and creating a new asset for your business whilst receiving ongoing long-term returns and benefits. Thirroul Solar’s modular systems allow you to choose the amount of your electricity costs to offset with solar power in order for you to scale
up your system as your needs increase.

Long-term protection against increasing Power Costs
It is not new news to suggest that prices are increasing and power is becoming a major expense in your day to day running costs of your business. Solar power for bsuiness is a secure investment that reduces your exposure to rising costs of energy.
Thirroul Solar will protect you against these long term trends as well as insulate it against short term volatility with our predictable green energy solution.

Marketing, innovation and community support
Solar Power continues to make the news. Solar Power offers commercial opportunities in marketing and allows your business to differentiate itself from your competitorts within your marketplace. You improving your business to become more efficient and green inproves community relations and support but aso attracts other environmently conscious customers who believe in sustainable living and business.

Thirroul Solar is proud of the systems we use as we are confident in offering up to 25 years guarantee for many of the components. We have a solid track record in the Illawarra, have a 25 year strong reputation in the local area and continue to be here to support local businesses.
Having knowledge of the local area, weather patterns, local government regulations, documentation and local electricity providers, and knowledge of others who have taken up Thirroul Solar solutions in the past, we are able to design a “perfect fitting” and reliable systems that will be more efficient than a system set up by a non-local contractor who is not familiar with our local region.
Our experience in the Illawarra and our track record as well as unparalleled customer service and post-installation support gives you the re-assurance you need to make the right decision for your business.

Relocation / Upgrades
You may outgrow your existing premises or decide you want to expand your premises… We are here to help. Thirroul Solar is also here for you to help you move your system to anywhere you wish to move it to. We offer competitive relocation services rather than you having to purchase a whole new solar system for your new premises. We will aslo assist you in understanding how to adjust your modular system to fit your growing needs for a fraction of the cost of a new system. It is part of our commitment to you to suggest that we are always here to help you with your needs!


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