Why Solar for home?
Everyone has a different agenda as to why you would install a Solar system on your roof.
Truth of the matter is that installing a Solar System has many short term and long term benefits all linked to “cost” and “environment”.
Today, more people are realising the obvious benefits that Solar offers.

When you install a Solar System with Thirroul Solar, you will be able to produce your own Clean Electricity free from the sun.
Ideally, when installing our Solar System, you may be able to produce enough power from the sun to run most of your home appliances without the cost to your wallet or the environment.

Installation costs
Typically, a basic solar system can be rather expensive and not an entirely sound proposition for families in the Illawarra.
Thankfully, the upfront costs for a new system have been greatly reduced due to generous and favourable incentives for us to go green. Today, the cost of a system is affordable and offers ongoing benefits.

Solar Assessment
Roger Fleury is professional accredited by the Clean Energy Council and certified by consult and install grid-connected Solar Systems for your home.
Roger has built a solid reputation in the Illawarra, especially in the Northern Suburbs where his quality work friendly nature and competitive pricing continue to set him as the Northern Suburbs’ leading electrical and solar contractors.
When you choose Thirroul Solar, you can be comforted that you are being assisted by one of the best and Illawarra’s own.
Thirroul Solar will come to your place, use the latest tools in technology to suggest what system best suits your home and what your expected savings could be.
This assessment is totally obligation free.
We simply want you to make the right choice for your home, your future and our environment…

Environmental benefits
Thirroul Solar is looking to help the Illawarra support the solution associated with our search to sustain better living and reduce global energy issues.
Today, you can join others in the Illawarra who are helping the world reduce its footprint and you will too become part of the green movement.
Our kids deserve a better future and we all need to make better decisions for our future generations.

Cost benefits
By installing a solar power system you can produce all the electricity you need to run your home without any greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. You currently buy electricity from your energy company but once you’ve consumed this power you have nothing to show for it – just an electricity bill you have to pay.

When you install a solar power system you are producing your own clean green electricity free from the sun.
There are currently the Solar Credits Scheme, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), and premium prices paid (Feed-in tariffs) for electricity that is sent back to the grid from your energy company…

Thirroul Solar will provide you with all of the information you need, to ensure you invest in a quality solar power system that provides maximum financial returns and environmental benefits to you and your family!


Make a smart financial decision today! Call Roger Fleury on  1300 678 158