Solar and Charge Packages


Are you ready to maximise your investment by adding solar and battery storage to  your home?

Here below packages will allow you to not only save but will decrease your environmental footprint too.

Small to medium user

Harness, store and manager your energy for all day and night use.

This system will increase your energy independence.

What is included in this package:

Panel:          14 Trina Honey solar module

Inverter:       4kW SolarEdge Inverter with DC Optimisers

Monitoring:  WiFi and App Monitor

Battery:        LG 4kW Chem Resu

Your recommended system is:

4kW | $11,990 + gst and metering


Thirroul Solar Partners

Choosing the right partners is at the foundation of our success and the reason why so many Illawarra residents and businesses continue to choose Thirroul Solar today!

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