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Cheap / Crap Solar, what does it mean ???

$$$$$, is generally a tempting reason to choose the company and product to have installed on your home or business. But does it really "pay " off choosing it that way. We strongly believe that everyone wants to have solar PV installed should always consider why a system seen on a Facebook advert, google advert is $3500 for a 5kW while someone else might be $7000 for the same size system. A lot comes down to the product selected. The inverter brand, the panel brand, the mounting system brand. If I told you I could sell you a $3500 but this system will die in the next 2 years, it may catch fire and burn down your house with you and your family in it, Would you buy it from me. Well, that's what these other companies are looking at selling you, except they don't tell you about the fire bit, just their bank account details bit. Will they be here to answer your call when you tell them your house has gone in flames because of the crap solar panels they installed caught on fire. Nope, they won't be. They will have moved onto another business with your hard-earned money and left you hanging in the wind. 

When people tell you " you get what you paid for !", its extremely true in solar as with anything else. 

If you are on Facebook, please visit " Crap Solar " there and you will see what others have gotten when they went for the cheapest quote possible and how they now regret their decision. 

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Here is what we recommend :


  • If you choose a good quality product installed by a poor quality company, you will end up having a poor result - If you choose a poor quality product and a good quality company, you will end up with a poor quality result. However, if you choose a high-quality product and a high-quality company, you will end up with a quality result

  •  Always use a local company that has been operating for a long time that has a lock reputation.

  • Look for a company that will come to your home, understand your needs and wants. Your requirements are NOT like your neighbour and the person down the road. They are all individual to you. So the proposal presented to you should be custom made to you and how you use the energy in your home or business. 

  • The product you select should be from a well-established manufacturer that has been tested in time and has an Australian office so if there are any issues with after service, they are liable to Australian consumer laws. 

  • Look online for independent research online from reliable sources such as Choice magazine, and others. 

  • The Product Warranty period is very different Performance Warranty. These are tricks that manufacturers use to pretend it is the same. The only real one you should ensure is as long as possible it the Product Warranty and that the company offering is likely to still be around to honour it. 

  • LG solar , Solaredge , Fronius , SMA , Enphase , Sunpower , Winaico , Trina , LG Chem , Tesla , these are examples of brands you should keep an eye out for. 


Our reputation speaks for itself. It cant be bought and as a local company, we have serviced our local area for almost 30 years.

We only use the highest quality product in all our installations. Our prefered panels are LG solar & Trina. Our prefered inverters are Solaredge & Fronius. Our prefered batteries are Tesla & LG Chem. The partnership we have built with these brands are solid and this ensures we are always at the forefront of any new releases, training, compliances and if there is ever the need to have warranty arranged, we do this as seamless and trouble-free as possible.  

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