Battery Storage

The world is entering the second phase in the solar revolution. The second phase includes the viability of Solar Storage Systems to power millions of homes day and night...

Generate, maximise and store your own power! Thirroul solar is working with a range of industry partners that are globally recognised and will see you having a future-proofed solution.

Solutions for life

Installing a solar system is not simply about choosing a solar system and getting a professional to put it up. A solar and battery package generally matches your average daytime and night-time consumption.


Your Thirroul Solar representative will work with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and what you need to match your expectations and reduce your mounting electricity bills.


Thirroul Solar Partners

Choosing the right partners is at the foundation of our success and the reason why so many Illawarra residents and businesses continue to choose Thirroul Solar today!

LG Chem Certified Thirroul Solar
Tesla Powerwall 2 Thirroul Solar