Thirroul Solar's long-term partnering with Thirroul Electrical Services is the perfect alliance between electrical and solar. In both companies having built a solid reputation for quality workmanship and customer service we are able to offer a range of services, directly linked to having a sustainable home with green energy in mind but also efficiency and cost reductions.

We do offer a solar maintenance programme which different levels of requirements extending from basic cleaning to complete analytics.  We deliver a quality service to help keep your solar system working at its optimum for years of reliable, clean renewable energy.

Maintenance Services

Solar System Cleaning

Solar panel maintenance is important because insufficient care for solar panels can reduce the amount of energy that these panels generate for your home. Since a solar panel system needs to absorb energy from the sun, the most vital component of solar panel care is to keep the panels clean.


Thirroul Solar will come to your home and clean your solar system and check all fittings from as low as $330 + gst for a standard 5kW System or smaller.

Preventative Maintenance

Over time, systems can develop issues & technical dysfunctions which can lead to reliability concerns. 

We have the experience, the know-how and the tools to clean, maintain and repair your solar system.

Our recommendation is for you to schedule your first maintenance check and call on the anniversary of the installation of your system as you never know the quality of the installer you've used.

The second call should be coordinated for the fifth anniversary! After five years, a lot of the nuts, bolts, ties and other things can start wearing and need to be checked for quality and technical issues.

Sometimes, our customers have not taken the time to schedule a preventative maintenance programme and quite often leading to poorer efficiency, and increased downtime but also emergencies. 

Need not worry, our accredited electricians are trained to handle most issues requiring immediate maintenance and emergency works. 

Our services are 24/7 and our reliability is impeccable.

Reactive Maintenance

Component or System Upgrades

As your lifestyle changes, your energy habits and consumption may change too. If you're thinking about adding more solar panels, installing a second solar system or adding a storage battery to an existing system, our solar experts can assess your existing installation and chat to you about upgrade options.

At the time you purchased your solar system, you may have purchase an inferior grade, brand or system due to the reduced upfront costs. Unfortunately, a few years on, the modules or the inverters are no longer working and need replacement. 

We have a range of solutions, components and systems we trust! Call us and we can take you through what may be compatible with your existing system